Reporting your invention is the first step in the commercialization process.

All inventions made by Johns Hopkins faculty and staff are reported through JHTV’s Inventor Portal. Only active Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, and students may access the JHTV Inventor Portal with their JHED identification to report new technologies and review existing submissions.

Upon receipt of a report of invention, our Licensing & Commercialization team works to understand the commercial strategy and, where applicable, to protect the intellectual property and secure a licensing agreement.

First time reporting an invention? Review our guide on how to submit an electronic report of invention. 

Our Commitment to Service: 2-2-2

2 Days 2 Weeks 2 Months
JHTV will contact you within 2 business days of receiving your disclosure. JHTV will confer with you regarding your disclosure within 2 weeks of receiving your disclosure. JHTV will provide a written determination within 2 months about the commercialization plan.

If you do not receive an email within two days for your submission or if you have questions, please contact Tina Preston at or 410-955-7290.


Report an Invention

Once we receive your information, we will schedule time to speak directly about your invention.

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